Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinners
Feeding the Hungry in San Francisco for Over 40 Years!


Board Members

  Michael Gagne
Vice President:
  Anicia Leon-Weil
  David Tejeda
Events Planner:
  Martha Anne Vielle
Recording Secretary:
  Alex Upchurch
Partnership And Grants Coordinator:
  Bonnie Bibas
Grants Administrator:
  Marilyn Murrillo
Member At Large:
  Miki Mettinger
Member At Large:
  Jim Valent
Honorary Member:
  Jim ”Pushy” Biesner
Honorary Member:
  Linda Ostrom
Honorary Member:
  Chris Ostrom
Honorary Member:
  Denise Gindoy
Role of Honor:
  Robert Sparling (Deceast)


Non-Board Appointed Positions

Volunteer Coordinator:
  Rex Clark
Web Master:
  Stephen Johnson


We are looking for some good and hard working Primary Volunteers.
If interested call Michael at 415-584-3252